This tool will help you link Wikidata items with the matching object on OpenStreetMap (OSM).

To save changes you need to login via OpenStreetMap.

Zoom in or search for an area to work on.

The map will show at most 400 items, if there are more then you need to zoom in before you can start editing.

Wikidata items appear on the map as red or green markers. Items not linked for OSM appear in red, those that are linked appear in green. The map shows the location of Wikidata tagged OSM objects with a yellow pin.

There are controls to filter what appears on the map. You have the option to hide Wikidata items that are already tagged on OSM. The type filter allows you to adjust what types of Wikidata item are displayed.

Click on a marker to show details of the Wikidata item and find nearby possible OSM matches.

Known faults

Language selection

There is no way to change the user interface language or data display language.

Map filters

OSM/Wikidata link status numbers do not match current view

The item type counts update to only include items in the current view. The OSM/Wikidata link status should do the same, but don't currently.

It should be possible to hide items with a given item type

Item type filters have two states, on and off. There should be three states: include, exclude and neutral.

There are items in Wikidata are for buildings that no longer exist. Demolished buildings are not normally included in OpenStreetMap, so there is nothing to match with. A good example are cinemas, a historical database of cinemas has been loaded into Wikidata, many of them no longer exist. On Wikidata they have the item types movie theater (Q41253) and destroyed building or structure (Q19860854). There is no way with the existing filters to say show me cinemas unless they have the type destroyed building or structure (Q19860854).

Item detail page

Image on the item detail page is not updated until the list of nearby OSM matches has been downloaded.

List of nearby possible OSM matches

  1. Street matching includes filtering by name. Other Wikidata items are only filtered on OSM tags/keys from the item, not by name, street address or identifier.
  2. The list of OSM objects shows name and street addresses but not identifiers.
  3. Unnamed boundary ways that are part of a relation should be hidden by default.
  4. The code that identifiers OSM object types could be more precise. For example a mosque is labelled as a 'place of worship', it should be labelled as a mosque.